Timer FAQ & Troubleshooting

Q: I have set the inside DIP switches, but the timer function did not change to what I need it to.

A: When changing the DIP switches the timer must be off (either the switch on the bottom or remove a battery).  Turn the power off, then back on and see if the timing now works.


Q: I have set the timer to the settings for the sport I need, but it is not timing correctly.

A: Be sure that you have the switches in the correct position.  When looking at the timer with the lid off, the toggle switch should be to the right.  The “Ref Smart” logo on the inside will be upside down.  Then double check to make sure you have the switches set properly.  Switch 1 is at the bottom closest to the power switch.  Each DIP has a small number next to it.


Q: After using for a while, instead of vibrating, the timer made a louder clicking noise.

A: If you remove the lid, you’ll see that one of the small vibrating motors has detached from the inner wall of the timer.  Simply stick it back on.  This doesn’t happen often, but if you want it extra secure a small amount of super glue will keep it in place.


Q: The vibration on the timer is not as strong as it used to be.

A: Time to change the batteries.


Q: I have an older timer, can it be reprogrammed to the most recent rules?

A: Yes, it can.  Click Here to get started.