Timer Instructions

Unless otherwise indicated, by default the timer is set for football (25/40). Follow the instructions below to set for other sports. 

Changing The Timer Function
Remove the lid (a flat head screw driver works best)

  • Make sure the power switch is off
    Inside you will see the small DIP switches just above the power switch
  • Switch 1 controls audible/silent. To the left is vibrate only, to the right is audible tone and vibrate.
  • To move the switches use a pen or paperclip and move the switch.
  • After changing the switches, turn the power on, then off, then back on
  • The timer is now ready to use

Use the Following Configurations (Note: Switch 1 is closest to the bottom)

  • Football 25/40 (Silent) - Switch 2 to the right, all others left
  • Lacrosse 20/120 (Audible) Switches 1 & 3 to the right, all others to the left 
  • Baseball 20/120 (Silent) Switches 2&3 to the right, all others to the left
  • College Softball 20/90 (Silent) Switch 1 to the left (toward the batteries), Switches 2,3,4 to the right (toward the toggle).


Using the Timer

  • Slide the power switch to on. If the timer makes a “siren” sound at power-up it is time to change the battery.
  • Flip the toggle switch up to start the longer timer or down to start the shorter timer. The device will vibrate quickly so you know that timer has started.
  • When the time reaches 0:00 it will vibrate continuously for 5 seconds or until the toggle is switched to the center position.
  • The timer is reset every time you toggle to the center position.

Changing the Battery 

  • Remove the lid (you can pry it open with a flat head screwdriver).
  • Replace with AAA batteries.
  • TIP: Keep extra batteries and a flat head screw driver in your bag.
  • It is recommended that you remove the batteries for off-season storage.

Tips for Use

  • In case you forget to turn the power off, the timer will automatically shut off if unused for 30 minutes.
  • If this happens just switch the power switch off, then back on again.
  • REF SMART IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WATER DAMAGE. As a precaution in heavy rain we recommend covering it with a bag to ensure it stays dry.

Warnings and Vibrations

  • Football Model 25/40
    • Both Timers: Warning Vibration with 10 seconds remaining. Then 5 quick vibrations to count down the last 5 seconds. Continuous vibration at 0:00.
    • 40 second timer has a vibration with 25 seconds remaining
  • Baseball 20/120 Timer (Updated 2023)
    • 20 Second Timer: Warning vibration with 10 seconds remaining. Continuous vibration (lasting 5 seconds) when the timer has reached 20 seconds
    • 120 Second Timer: Warning vibration with 30 seconds remaining and with 15 seconds remaining. Continuous vibration at 0:00.
  • Lacrosse 20/120 Timer 
    • 20 Second Timer: Continuous and Audible Tone with Vibration when the timer reaches 0:00
    • 120 Second Timer: Audible Tone and Vibration with 20 seconds remaining. Continuous Audible Tone and Vibration when the timer reaches 0:00.
  • Note on the Final 5-Seconds: 
    • There are 6 vibrations. Starting with the first vibration, you should count backwards as: Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Zero. The timer has expired when you reach Zero.